Let's talk trash!! This is where everyone gets credit where credit is due. These are all the folks who are directly or indirectly responsible for bringing you Garbage Humor. My humblest apologies to one and all.

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To Reveal Some Strange And Unusual Things. Have Fun!!!

Garbage Humor Credits

Wesley L. Scott
Your Decrepit Webmaster
Tampa, Florida, USA

•Cana-Dan Pedder
Creative Consultant
Assistant To Webmaster
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The First Individual
To Utter The Words
"Garbage Humor;
Let's Talk Trash,
It's In The Can."

•Melinda Thackrah
Research And Development
Assistant To Webmaster
Pinellas Park, Florida, USA

Ask Her For Any
Sound File Or
Photo File,
And It Will Appear
Like Magic, Everytime!

(Place mouse cursor
over photo to
see what we mean!)

•Earl Kirk
Technical Advisor
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

He Has Every
Available Answer
To any Technical
Question, Real
Or Imagined.

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•A. M. Bleich
Technical Advisor
Jasper, Alabama, USA

This Is The
Man Guilty Of
First Introducing
Me To The
Computer Technology.

•Paul Bleich
Chief Humor Resource Officer
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

He Always Has
his Ears Open
For The Latest
And Greatest In
Garbage Humor.

•Kelly, Mrs. Webmaster
Tampa, Florida, USA

My Precious Kelly,
Who Patiently Puts Up
With My Crap On A
Daily Basis.
I Love You.

•Dan & Sha
Software And Hardware Providers
Balm, Florida, USA

Thank You Both For
Everything You Have Done For Me.
                 You Two Are The Greatest!

•Wayne Hill
My Brother-In-Law
And Vietnam Combat Veteran
Double Springs, Alabama, USA

You Are The
Inspiration For
My Delightfully Warped
Sense Of Humor.
Rest In Peace, Brother.

My Alabama Redneck Brethren.

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