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Sexual Disorder

A medical student decides to become a specialist in the treatment of sexual disorders.

Upon his arrival at the clinic where he is to serve his internship, he is taken on a tour of the facilities by the clinic director.

As they walk around a corner, the student sees a man standing in the hallway masterbating.

"What in the hell does that man think he's doing??!!",the student asks.

The director replies,"He has a sexual disorder in which he has to ejaculate at least 57 times per day, otherwise he would slip into a coma and never come out of it"

They continue on their way. As they round another corner the student sees a man receiving a blowjob from a most incredibly beautiful nurse.

"What sexual disorder does that man have?", the student asks.

"Oh,he has the exact same condition as the other gentleman,"the director replies,
" he just has a better health plan."